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Yes, Lisa! I’m ready to become an unforgettable speaker.

Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit is a step-by-step system for transforming yourself from a good speaker to an unforgettable speaker – and building the CEO muscle needed to create a thriving, growing, profitable speaking business.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Easily find and get hired to speak by organizations whose missions can be furthered by your message.
  • Make a much bigger impact with your message while you are traveling the country - or world - serving the people you meet in a much deeper way.
  • Quickly phase out free speaking engagements that get you applause, but no clients.
  • Feel comfortable and confident asking for your full fee – and referrals to other potential clients.
  • Create a balanced, thriving business that supports the lifestyle you desire without having to “try harder” to do it.
  • Teach you proven, in-depth techniques to up-level your speeches from good to unforgettable.
  • Build a solid foundation for a sustainable speaking business, so you can deliver your message and still have a life.
  • Massively increase the number of speaking engagements and referrals you receive.
  • Expand your personal capacity by developing the mindset of a world-class speaker.
  • And much more!

Here's what's included in this 13-week program … so you can easily get started today:

Immediate access to the “What You Need to Succeed” introductory video

$297 Value

which sets up the course. Often called the “Wikipedia of Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit,” this video gives you answers to those “What do I have to do to really make it as a speaker?” moments so you can build a solid foundation and winning platform as a speaker.

13 additional video training modules

$2,700 Value

which walk you through the process for building your business foundation on cement, not sinking sand.

Topics include:

  • The 4 types of speakers – and which one you are
  • The difference between “task” and “maintenance” … and how paying attention to both helps you double your impact in a room
  • Developing the foundation for your core message
  • 5 steps to produce powerful messages
  • How to elevate the impact of your message
  • The Dip Theory … and how to use it to get your audience to stick to you like glue
  • The “Me, We, You” Audience Connection formula – an invisible technique that makes your audience feel like part of your tribe
  • Feeding your audience … so they want more of you – and more of your content
  • How to use the SNAAP effect to make every networking experience 5 times more effective
  • The secret to multiplying your speaking gigs x 3 by satisfying your current clients, while you're simultaneously engaging your next clients
  • Proven strategies for growing your database organically – without relying on expensive, time-intensive tools like pay-per-click advertising
  • Getting yourself booked and building a sustainable business model
  • Developing the mindset of a world-class speaker and growing your business by expanding your mental and emotional capacity
  • The distinct difference between telling a great story and showing a great story – and how you can easily master the art of story

Downloadable worksheets for each module

$1,000 Value

which will help you deepen your mastery of the content and begin to apply the lessons to your speeches and speaking business

Formula Frameworks...

$500 Value

two resources to help speed and ease the process of creating your unforgettable message. You’ll get the Powerful Message Producer, which provides the framework for delivering a powerful message … and an outline for using the “Me-We-You” formula to connect with your audience.

Time-Proven, Fill-in-the-Blank Scripts …

$2,000 Value

The Dip Theory Script … the “Book me now” Script to secure more speaking engagements … a script for creating a stronger SNAAP message to use when networking … and the “Are You My Student?” script to help find new clients in your audience.

“Do It Like a Pro” Checklists …

$300 Value

my Platinum Video and Still Shot List to up-level your brand … and my checklist on how to set up and deliver a training.

“Here’s How I Did It” Sample Agreements …

$2,000 Value

including a sample speaker agreement and a sample joint venture partner agreement.

“Birth Your Best-Selling Book” Resources …

$1,000 Value

including a copy of the book proposal I used to get the Chicken Soup for the African American Soul contract … and my step-by-step guide to turning your books into best-sellers.

My Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee

I wholeheartedly believe that Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit will work for you. It’s the process that I used to transform myself from a good speaker to an unforgettable speaker … and to build a solid foundation on which I built a multi-million-dollar business as a speaker and author.

After 30 full days of working with the material in Speak for Ultimate Impact and Profit:

  • If you don’t discover how to create a more impactful message in these 30 short days
  • If you don’t learn practical ways to grow your database, win more referrals and book more speaking gigs
  • If you’re dissatisfied for any reason (even the way the course is designed)

... let me know, and I'll happily refund 100% of your financial investment into the program – no questions asked.

Total Value: $8,197

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You're Getting

  • Immediate access to the “What You Need to Succeed” introductory video $297 Value
  • 13 video training modules $2,700 Value
  • Downloadable worksheets for each module $1,000 Value
  • Formula Frameworks... $500 Value
  • Time-Proven, Fill-in-the-Blank Scripts … $2,000 Value
  • “Do It Like a Pro” Checklists … $300 Value
  • “Here’s How I Did It” Sample Agreements … $2,000 Value
  • “Birth Your Best-Selling Book” Resources … $1,000 Value